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In marriage counseling and couple therapy, Laura helps the couple rebuild a sense of hope as they do the hard work of dealing with relationship problems and issues more effectively. Counseling and therapy for couples can help partners:
  • Make the commitment to try to improve the relationship
  • See one another's point of view
  • Deal with past hurts
  • Learn communication skills
  • Accept one another without being judgmental
  • Reconnect with each other on multiple levels
  • Handle money problems as a team
  • Build intimacy
  • Deal with difficult personality traits and behavior
  • Relate assertively without being critical
  • Parent together more effectively
  • Negotiate household tasks
  • Accept one another's extended family

In premarital counseling Laura helps the couple set the stage for a successful marriage and strengthens the couples ability to work together to overcome the obstacles that may arise during their years together. Premarital counseling can help partners:

  • Examine the scope and meaning of the commitment they are about to make
  • Learn communication skills
  • Deal with unresolved issues to help "clean the slate" before the wedding
  • Identify and modify unrealistic beliefs and expectations about marriage
  • Create a plan to deal with differences in values in areas like money, children etc.
  • Develop skills to enhance and maintain intimacy through even hard times



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